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Foo Foo Media Empire

Our Team

We love reading!

Dr. Paul Sambataro

CEO Publisher, Author

Dr. Sambataro is the CEO of Foo Foo Media Empire and author of multiple self help books and texts associated with Neurobehavioral Psychology.  Dr. Sambataro is the author of the Emotional Budgeting Workbooks for Adults and a Youth Version. Dr. Sambataro coined the term "Emotional Budgeting" in 2018 to describe the action of training the mind to intake information and file it quickly to reduce so it is recalled in an organized manner for faster processing of emotions increasing the ability to problem solve, making good decisions reducing stress and anxiousness. Dr. Sambataro is also co-author of Foo Foo series children books.

[email protected]

Dr. Cynthia Sambataro

Senior Publisher, Author

Cynthia Sambataro Ph.D. is a retired clinical health psychologist with a specialty in pediatric mental health. Dr. Sambataro is author of the Legend of Foo Foo Series of books for children. A series of books designed to empower, educate and enchant readers young, old and in-between.

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Martha Escobar

Director of Design

Martha Escobar is Director of Design, and key illustrator for the Legend of Foo Foo series of books. As showcased Ms. Escobar is capable of lavish detailed illustrations or the fun and fanciful. Educated in the Arts, Ms. Escobar will direct or personally illustrate our clients artwork.

[email protected]

Saima Niaz 

Literary Agent Middle East 

Saiama Niaz is a Literary Agent with a vast knowledge in Education and Medicine. Based in Lahore, Pakistan. Ms. Niaz will review your manuscript and develop a publishing plan for your book(s). Ms. Niaz can translate and market your books from our Middle East Offices. 

[email protected]